We also have a group of 20 top-shelf yearling heifers available.  Give us a call about plains breeding bull prospects.  ​

Wigness Bison is a distributor for One-time fencing steel posts. 

We also sometimes sell grass finished bison by the quarter.   

Wigness Bison

Due to drought plus a gopher/grasshopper epidemic, we are forced to sell an elite young herd of plains bison cows.  These cows have been handpicked as calves from our other herds, and are the best we have produced.  They are respectful of fences, have high weaning rates, and grazed in open pastures 11 months of the year with no supplemental grain.  Even though they are hard working cows, they look great, and are currently in good shape on high protein drought grass.


group of 45 cows, mostly 6 years old and younger, $2400 per cow OBO